Why Can't My Doctor End My Pain?

Let's define the problem.  You and I both know from personal experience that the mainstream medical field has proven VERY ineffective at eliminating chronic pain.  Pain relief and pain management are ALL that's offered and these treatments rarely yield a significant reduction in pain.  And even when it does, most of that is temporary at best.

The pain almost always comes back.  So, why can't they cure you?  Here's the reality.

Your doctor can't end your pain because they don't understand the what's really causing your pain.  There's a blindspot in medicine that the doctors just can't see.  

You can undergo every single type of treatment, bouncing from one specialist to the next, but if they don't know the root cause, you'll never get results.  Treating symptoms never works.  

Did you ever notice that the treatment you get depends on the specialist you go to?

  • General practitioner - you get drugs and instructions for rest.

  • Chiropractor - you get manipulation and adjustments.

  • Orthopedic Doctor - you get surgery and/or injections.

  • Acupuncturist - you get needles.

  • Physical Therapist - you get physical therapy.

  • Massage Therapist - you get massage.

  • Etc. - You get my point.

All these specialists can't all be right about the best way to treat your pain.  They simply administer the treatment they were taught to use.  That's it.  And when it doesn't work, you end up trying another "treatment" from yet another specialist.  Or, you keep on repeating what didn't work in the hope of a different result next time.  On and on it goes. Years, decades, thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars spent and you are still in pain.  Sound familiar?

What about my MRI?

With tools like MRI's and X-rays, you'd think the doctor could figure out the real cause of your pain and know exactly what to do about it.  But as you may have experienced by your results, that rarely happens.  

Let's first look at their diagnosis and what your doctor told you is causing your pain.

  • You've been told your pain is caused by some abnormality or injury to your body.

  • You've been told you are broken and that you will need to learn to live with your pain.

  • You've been told you need to be careful or you will end up in worse pain or lose your ability to move at all.

  • You've been told it's your herniated or bulging disc, it's sciatica, it's stenosis, it's a pinched nerve, it's osteoarthritis, it's degenerative, fibromyalgia, tendonitis and on and on and on.

  • You may have been told by your doctor that "I wish I had something to help you." A good friend of mine literally heard that coming out of a doctors mouth the minute he walked in for an appointment.

  • You've been told that all the costly and invasive treatments may or may not help you. No guarantees. Success rates in treating chronic pain are awful.

  • You've been told that drugs don't always help.

  • You may have been told you are a drug seeker/addict.


It is...

But let's be clear.  None of this is your fault.  And as mad as we sometimes get at our doctors, it's not even their fault.  The real cause of pain isn't taught in medical school. That's why so many doctors don't even like working with chronic pain patients. They simply don't know what to do for you.  

I think we can agree that what you just read is a pretty good assessment of the problem.

So where do we go from here?

The first step is to watch this video explaining how pain starts and how it becomes chronic. Then you simply download and complete a self assessment to determine if you can end your pain or other symptoms.