Discover the REAL cause of MOST Chronic Pain

In the video below, I will share with you the real cause of the vast majority of pain.  It's called Distraction Pain or TMS.  Basically - Stress Illness. This information is really the golden ticket to a life without physical pain.  Regardless of your official diagnosis and what you can see on your MRI, there is likely something else causing your pain.  (And that's great news.)

Watch the video below to get started.  

Sound a bit far fetched?  How about some medical proof...

Fact:  New England Journal of Medicine 1994  -  MRI’s on 98 People with NO history of Back Pain, 34% had normal discs, 66% had bulging discs at one or more levels or disc protrusions and extrusions (herniations)

Interpretation:  If 2/3 of the people with no back pain have the same structural problems you do, maybe it’s not the disc.  (Hint:  It’s not)

Fact:  University of Copenhagen  -  A study comparing X-rays of 238 patients suffering low back pain versus 66 people with NO history of back pain.  The X-rays reported no structural difference.  

Interpretation:  The radiologist reading the reports wouldn’t be able to tell which stack of X-rays had pain versus no pain.  All the spines looked the same whether a patient had pain or not.  (Again, it’s not the spine.)

Fact:  Neurosurgeon Dr. H.C. Rosomoff found disc herniations responsible for pain in less than 3% of cases.  

Interpretation:  So much of todays treatments, injections and surgeries are useless and have no chance of eliminating the pain.  Why?  Because it was never the disc.

Fact:  Hoag Hospital and Cleveland Clinic 1994 - New England Journal of Medicine - On a study of 98 people who have never had back pain, 64 of the 98 reported lumbar disc bulges and protrusions or extrusions (herniations) on MRI.

Interpretation:  This study supports the first ones findings.  Bulges and herniations don’t cause the vast majority of back pain.

Fact:  Hadassah Hospital Jerusalem 1976  -  There is no difference in the incidence of low back pain in people with or without osteoarthritis of the spine.

Interpretation:  Osteoarthritis is not painful.  It’s a normal sign of aging.  Operating on this is like operating on my gray hair.

Fact:  In a study of 109 CT scans showing patients with Herniated discs,  after 1-3 years of a linguistic treatment like the recommendations I provide. 96 were pain free. 11 were mostly better.  2 were unchanged.

Interpretation:  If it was the herniated disc that was causing the pain, education and changing the way these folks thought and acknowledged emotions would have never eliminated the pain.  Yet they did.  

Fact:  1975 - 2 German investigators found evidence of mild oxygen deprivation in nuclei of muscle cells of patients with back pain.  1985 - Research findings were duplicated by Swedish Rheumatologists.

Interpretation:  This further supports the “Pathway to Pain” process how repressed emotions creates real physical tension in the body, which creates blood vessel constriction and a reduction of blood flow and oxygen.  

All this sounds great in theory, what about results?

The biggest evidence that pain is caused by this emotional repression process is that thousands of people who have all sorts of horrible diagnosis, pain histories, treatments, surgeries have gotten pain free using am emotional / brain retraining approach.  If it was their body at cause of the pain, this program wouldn’t work.  The success stories are proof that disc or spine were never the cause.  

The Best Proof:  Take a look at our Success Stories including a Pilot Study with the Mayo Clinic in December 2015

So who gets distraction pain or stress illness?

There are certain personality traits which are most common for people suffering the symptoms of stress illness. And since most back pain and body pain actually originates in your brain, it’s easy to understand that people with certain personality traits are more likely to repress emotions.

A single one of the following traits is enough to increase the likelihood of suffering from this stress illness or distraction pain symptoms. The more traits that apply to you, the more likely the cause of your back pain and body pain can be eliminated with an emotional process and retraining the brain that you are not broken.

The traits are as follows:

  • Perfectionist

  • Do-Gooders

  • Dependable

  • People Pleasers

  • Spiritual-Religious

  • Compulsive

  • Sensitive to Criticism

The good news is these are all wonderful traits. Many achievers are perfectionists. The world needs Do-Gooders. Being dependable is a great thing.  All of these traits are very useful. 

Unfortunately, these traits have proven to be the very same traits that lead to repressing certain emotions. The repressed emotions begin the process that leads to back and body pain, along with tingling, burning, numbness, weakness and other symptoms.

The great news is that you don't need to change your personality or eliminate all your area's of stress to eliminate your pain.  We are all still human and encounter varying degrees of stress every single day.  You can still be a perfectionist and work in a stressful job or have a stressful life and still eliminate your pain.  

Okay, now that you know the real cause of chronic pain, the next step is to go through a self assessment.

Step 1: Take the pain test.
Step 2: Download the self assessment and fill it out.