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Lou - After 30 Years, Now completely Pain free

Lou had struggled with back pain and sciatica for much of her adult life.  Within just 2 weeks of starting one-on-oen coaching with Dan, over 30 years of pain was able to be eliminated utilizing Zero Pain Now. 

Lou was a great client to work with.  She immediately grasped the concept that chronic stress and repressed negative emotions can manifest in very real physical pain.  By following a proven, structured coaching program, Lou was able to end her pain very quickly.  You can too.


Julie - 17 Years of Pain COMPLETELY Gone in Weeks

Julie's pain started 17 years ago and the pain was just a part of her daily life.  The pain was something she just expected and dealt with.  Just days after she started working with me and reading the Zero Pain Now® materials, she began feeling much better.  And within a few weeks of getting started, she was completely pain free.  

Julie worked with me and used the Zero Pain Now® system to end her cycle of pain.  She now has a technique that she can go to any time her body starts to show any signs of discomfort.  She no longer fears the pain because she can use the Zero Pain Now® process to stop any new symptoms within minutes. 

Mayo Clinic - Zero Pain Now® Pilot Program - December 2015

In a recent pilot program at the Mayo Clinic, Zero Pain Now® achieved a 100% success rate in helping the pilot participants eliminate all of their pain.

(These participants had been in pain anywhere from a few years to four decades.)

Now they're completely pain free.

If you would like to get more details about this pilot program, please fill out the client assessment request form and I can share more details on our first free call.  

Adam Heller's Zero Pain Now® is the Only Non-Invasive Pain Relief Program with A Documented 97.4% Success Rate.


Mom's Back Pain Gone

Annee experienced chronic pain for forty years because she believed that she injured herself in an automobile accident. She sought treatment with chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and internal medicine physicians, but her pain would always return. Annee continued to experience limiting back pain because she was diagnosed with a disc abnormality.

As Annee used the Zero Pain Now® process she learned that Diversion Pain Syndrome is the real cause of most ongoing back pain and body pain. Annee has freed herself from any pain and returned to playing with her children, running, hiking, and performing ballet.

Back to Golfing & Running

Emily experienced neck pain and other symptoms for thirty eight years. MRI scans showed structural problems and traditional treatment modalities fell short of completely resolving her symptoms. It wasn’t until she implemented the Zero Pain Now® process that she experienced complete pain relief.

Some of the methods from the Zero Pain Now® program that Emily used were journaling, looking at her hidden feelings, identifying stressors, and performing specific exercises. Emily has returned to playing golf and running four miles at a time. She experienced relief within days of beginning the Zero Pain Now® approach.

Pain Meds Avoided Entirely

When Greg started the Zero Pain Now® process of healing, he had been experiencing excruciating neck pain for three months that was unsuccessfully treated via biweekly chiropractic adjustments. Within minutes of starting the program, Greg’s pain was substantially reduced. In a period of days, he was able to discontinue chiropractic treatment altogether. He didn’t even need the pain medications that had been offered to him by a medical doctor to treat his symptoms. Not long after, Greg returned to his hobby of horseback riding and after 4 years he remains pain free today – all as a result of applying the principles of the Zero Pain Now® treatment.

Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery Avoided

As a result of a skiing accident, Matt was diagnosed with shoulder calcification and a rotator cuff tear. He was advised by an orthopedic surgeon to undergo surgical correction. Reluctant of invasive treatment, Matt tried conservative treatments such as anti-inflammatory medications, and even alternative methods like acupuncture. Still, Matt continued to experience searing shoulder pain.

It wasn’t until Matt applied the principles of Zero Pain Now® to his life that he experienced complete relief from his shoulder pain. He experienced relief in a very short time and he has returned to playing golf and tennis.

Daily Pain is Gone

Marianne describes how fast she was able to end her cycle of back pain and how nice it is to live without even thinking about her old pain.

"The reason I was having these back pains was because the emotions were not acknowledged... I'm pain free and I've not had these spasms, and I am never going to have them again. Don't put it off. Do it... because it works!"

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32 years in practice and Zero Pain Now changes all the rules.
— Refering Doctor
My first marathon. 6 months ago I could barely walk.

I’d spent over $200,000 fighting my back and neck pain. I should have used Zero Pain Now first...

Doing dishes never felt liberating until doing it without back pain.

I’ve been diagnosed with stenosis, bulging disc and neuropathy. Zero Pain Now had me pain free in 6 days.

Just completed a 35 mile bike ride and my back feels great. Finally.

I cancelled my back surgery. I am so happy.

After all the doctors, I never thought I could have no pain. I have no pain!

My Dr. said surgery, but I had Zero Pain in 4 days. Still gone!

I went from skeptic to raving fan. This really works.

You’re right – bulging discs don’t cause pain. I’m free.

(On a scale from 1-10) My back pain went from an 8 to a 0 in less than 30 minutes.

I couldn’t believe the way my pain moved around and then disappeared.

Back at work after 8 months off with pain and 1 week of Zero Pain Now. Happy, happy!

Red wine + chocolate and still no migraines. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It was so wonderful to get out of bed and have no pain.

WOW I wish I knew about Zero Pain Now before 17 years of doctors and chiropractors.

I just shoveled snow for the first time in years without back pain. I am sooo happy.

Picking up my daughter is the greatest gift from Zero Pain Now.

Don’t know what was better – beating my husband at golf or playing without pain...

My private Zero Pain Now program was the best investment I’ve ever made. I’m free.

Zero Pain Now seemed way too expensive – Until my pain vanished!

My sciatica was gone in 4 days with Zero Pain Now!

All I wanted was to push a vacuum without pain. Now I can but still don’t want to vacuum...

I finally let go of my skepticism and did Zero Pain Now. 3 Days later I was free of pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease, Bulging Disc and Sciatica pain gone in one session. I still can’t believe it.

The MRI says bulging disc but I say I’m pain free.

Funny my doctor doesn’t talk about Degenerative Disc Disease now that I have no pain.

Going for a run. I NEVER thought that could happen again.

I just trimmed my Christmas tree without a twinge of pack pain. That’s a huge gift!

I miss my chiropractor but not my pain.

Funny my torn rotator cuff stopped hurting as soon as I started Zero Pain Now.

I forgot how great sleep is without pain, the doctor said surgery and I said Zero Pain Now. I made the perfect choice!

They said I’d never run again and I just finished an Ironman Triathlon.

After 2 surgeries and no relief Zero Pain Now had me without pain in 6 days!

I thought Fibromyalgia was a life sentence. I’ve been pain free for 6 months.

I couldn’t believe my spine wasn’t the cause of my back pain. I believe now.

It was what I needed, A simple step-by-step process.

The best thing about no pain is I sleep great – 30 years of pain blamed on Spinal Stenosis. Wrong! 6 days of Zero Pain Now and no more pain!

I’d tried everything. Pain + Depression = My Life. In less than 1 week I felt great.

I had 3 herniated discs and was told I had to have surgery. 11 Days after starting Zero Pain Now I was completely pain free.

1 whole week pain free. I thought that could never happen. Woo hoo!!!!

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