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Lou - After 30 Years, Now completely Pain free

Lou had struggled with back pain and sciatica for much of her adult life.  Within just 2 weeks of starting one-on-one coaching with Dan, over 30 years of pain was able to be eliminated. 

Lou was a great client to work with.  She immediately grasped the concept that chronic stress and repressed negative emotions can manifest in very real physical pain.  By following a proven, structured coaching program, Lou was able to end her pain very quickly.  You can too.


Julie - 17 Years of Pain COMPLETELY Gone in Weeks

Julie's pain started 17 years ago and the pain was just a part of her daily life.  The pain was something she just expected and dealt with.  Just days after she started working with me she began feeling much better.  And within a few weeks of getting started, she was completely pain free.  

Julie worked with me and to end her cycle of pain.  She now has a technique that she can go to any time her body starts to show any signs of discomfort.  She no longer fears the pain because she can use the mindbody process to stop any new symptoms within minutes. 

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Disclaimer:  Your results may vary from the success stories above.  Getting better from a stress illness like TMS requires an open mind, learning the true cause of pain and that you to follow the recommended actions in order to achieve results.  Check out our full disclaimer.