Step 5:  Decide and Take Action.

Simply being aware of the real cause of your pain won't help you.  Even realizing that there is a way to end your pain isn't enough. You actually need to employ a proven system and do the actual process in order to get results.

What result?  Living completely free from pain.  It's possible!  However...

Knowledge isn’t enough. Nothing happens until you take action on that knowledge.
— Dan Buglio

Look, if you are on this page, you took the time to go through our 5 Simple Steps to Living Pain Free.  You opened your mind to the possibility that something else was going on.  You learned the true cause of pain through our Pathway to Pain presentation.  To see if this could apply to you, you "connected the dots".  And finally you took the pain test.  If your results showed that you can be helped with Zero Pain Now, there's only one step left.  Decide to do something about it and take action.  It's that action that will get you pain free.

In order to help you make a decision on how to proceed, check out the self paced Zero Pain Now Programs or my Private Zero Pain Now Coaching Package.