Discover how I beat 11 long years of chronic
back pain and how you can too!

Watch the video below to hear my story.  

It was a long, horrible, frustrating and very painful 11 years.  I wouldn't wish my experience on anybody.  I know your pain could be even worse than mine.  For that very reason I am committing myself to helping others end their own chronic pain. I got my life back and you can too.  I'll do whatever I can to help make that happen.

My body was so wracked with pain I ended up crooked.  Literally.  (see photo) Once I beat the pain, my body straightened out.

So how did I end my pain?  Before I get to that, misdiagnosis is the reason doctors can't fix your pain.  If they don't know what's really causing it, they have no chance of fixing it.

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I wasn’t in pain because my body was crooked.
I was crooked because I was in pain.
— Dan Buglio