What exactly is Adam Heller's Zero Pain Now®?

Zero Pain Now® is a systematized, step-by-step program created by Adam Heller to help people just like you to end their chronic pain.  And while many of the concepts are based on the work of Dr. John Sarno, Adam's brilliance was in bringing Sarno's work to the present day and massively simplifying the process.  There is no guesswork or interpretation.  With Zero Pain Now, you will know exactly what steps to take to eliminate your pain in days or weeks.  

This simplification of a complex process is what allows Zero Pain Now® to work so well and achieve success rates greater than any other remedy for chronic pain.  

For example:  A December of 2015 pilot program at the Mayo Clinic achieved a 100% success rate.  This means 100% of the people the Mayo Clinic selected to go through the Zero Pain Now® program completely eliminated all of their pain.

Another example:  Those clients who have gone through the Zero Pain Now® Private Coaching Program have a documented 97.4% success rate in getting free from pain.

Nothing in mainstream medicine can even come close.  The reason is because Zero Pain Now® addresses the real cause of pain instead of some innocent bystander seen on an MRI. 

Here's how I describe the Zero Pain Now® program:  

After being extensively trained by Adam Heller and working with Zero Pain Now® to help my clients get pain free, I've broken down this program into three main components.  

1.  Education:  The Zero Pain Now® materials along with my presentations on this website will educate you on the true cause of chronic pain which Adam calls Diversion Pain Syndrome.  

Watch the "The Pathway to Pain" video to learn what is really causing your pain.

2.  Methodology:  Adam Heller's Zero Pain Now® also employs a scientifically developed "Pain Test" that can tell you with a 97% degree of certainty whether or not YOUR pain is caused by Diversion Pain Syndrome and can thereby be eliminated.

Take the Pain Test to see if YOU can be helped by the Zero Pain Now system. 

3.  Process:  Zero Pain Now® is a simple yet extremely powerful system that guides you step-by-step through a process of acknowledging and labeling the emotions that are the root cause of your chronic pain.  Lets refer to this as "doing the work".  There are several self paced programs available as well as personalized coaching that can guide you through this proven Zero Pain Now® system.   If followed, all of these options will provide you everything necessary to get rid of your pain.

Check out the Self Paced Programs or details about my Private Zero Pain Now Coaching.

These three aspects of Adam Heller's Zero Pain Now® program make it extremely simple to explore this cause of pain, find out if it applies to you and if it does, take some very specific action steps and get pain free.  

If this has peaked your interest, let's get started with my 5 Simple Steps to a Pain Free Life.