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Being skeptical certainly is reasonable.  And some healthy skepticism is a good thing.  But only if it doesn't prevent you from learning something that can truly help you.

You have reason to be skeptical.  You've been told by your doctor and other pain management specialists that you are in pain because _____________.  (insert your medical diagnosis)

You definitely feel your pain.  It's not imagined at all.  It is absolutely REAL. You can see on your imaging studies like MRI's what's going on in your body.  The media, your friends and family all caution you to be careful because you have a bad back.  That is what you believe.  We are told that your body is the reasons you are in pain. That's all you have ever heard.

But what if that belief system was built on a foundation of quicksand?  

What if everything you believe about your pain is wrong?  

Look, it's not your fault and you are not to blame.  It's not even your doctors fault.  Blame doesn't matter.  Truth is what matters.  

So, It's time to cast aside that skepticism and look at a new angle to getting yourself free from this pain.  

Healing, in my opinion, comes down to one thing.


  • If you don't believe in Diversion Pain Syndrome at all and think this is BS or a scam, this clearly won't work because you won't even try.
  • If you DO believe this is a real thing, but think for some reason it doesn't apply to you because "YOU have a REAL problem", this won't work for you.  
  • And lastly, if you believe this is real and is exactly the thing that is causing your pain, but feel for some reason that you won't be able to figure it out and get better, you won't.

Belief is really the key.

My mentor Adam Heller once told me that getting better with Zero Pain Now is just one big sales job to the subconscious. 

If you keep looking for reasons this does not apply to you or that you won't heal because you haven't're not doing a very good job "selling" your subconscious that you can heal easily.

When it comes to belief, I think some people get hung up on wanting 100% certainty before they commit to this process as their way to end their pain.

Belief isn't 100% the minute you hear about Diversion Pain Syndrome.

Here is how you develop a rock solid belief. 

1.  Education - read about Diversion Pain Syndrome by going through my entire website and watching the Real Cause of Pain video.  Also read Adam Hellers book Zero Pain Now.  He named this physiological process Diversion Pain Syndrome or DPS for short.  

Side note:  Much of this concept was discovered by a Doctor John Sarno in the 1970's.  Dr. Sarno wrote many books on the topic.  In those books, he called this pain syndrome TMS or Tension Myositis Syndrome which is a much less descriptive name that doesn't actually tell you in the name what is really happening.

Bottom line, the pain is a distraction or diversion. The more we can get that through to our subconscious, the faster you will heal. I suggest you refer to your symptoms as diversion pain syndrome and not TMS. That's no disrespect to Sarno. He was a genius. But this new term will help your brain "Get It" faster than using a non-descriptive term like TMS.  Educating and learning as much as you can about this mind-body world creates a certain level of foundational belief. This is a great starting point. Next...

2. Look at Success Stories.  Watching videos and reading how others got better further creates belief. But don't get so hung up on finding someone with the EXACT same symptoms as you. The process that creates the pain is the same, yet manifests itself differently in different people.

When we speak, ask me about the Mayo Clinic Study where 100% of the people the Mayo Clinic put through the Zero Pain Now coaching program got better within 28 days.


3. Make it Personal - Now it's time to connect Diversion Pain Syndrome to yourself personally.  We will have you take a pain test to see if your pain has the characteristics of pain that almost always responds to this Zero Pain Now program.

I also encourage you to get on the phone with me so we can discuss your pain history. At that time, I'll review your pain test results and let you know if you can heal your pain with this program.  Fill out my new client free assessment request form so we can speak.

In that call, we will first review your pain test results and then connect the dots between your pain history and your emotional history.  We will discover what was going on in your life when symptoms first showed up as well as what was going on during any pain flare-ups?  We will help you start to see that there is often a strong parallel emotional world  that runs right along side the pain experiences.

Connecting this theory of Diversion Pain Syndrome to your own life and pain experience also significantly increases belief. You are well on your way.

Lastly, it's time to...

4. Get Some Results - It's your time to get some results (reducing or eliminating your pain) to really lock in your belief.

When you commit to a daily process of uncovering the repressed emotions, you will start to see some results. An increase or decrease in pain is PROOF that Diversion Pain Syndrome is the cause for your symptoms. Once you see proof in your own body and pain levels, this should give you every bit of confidence and a rock solid BELIEF that you have Diversion Pain Syndrome.  Once you start to see this proof, getting rid of the pain entirely is a few short steps away.

Request a free call with me to get your assessment and learn about
my one-on-one guaranteed pain free result coaching program.

As you see, belief is the wrapper around all of this work. Without belief, you won't get results. That's just the way it is.

Education alone won't do it. Reading success stories alone won't do it. Even connecting the dots between your emotions and pain won't do it. You need belief and you MUST do the WORK. (it's not hard, but it does require you to commit to the process.)

When learning about Diversion Pain Syndrome and trying to heal yourself, there are plenty of ways to get confused and second guess yourself. Some people can read a book and implement what it says. Others need some help. If you've tried on your own and can't figure it out or get any results, select a practitioner like myself who has not only studied and been trained in this specific area of expertise, but has also conquered their own pain 100%.  To continue to struggle to end your pain with just internet and book reading likely won't result in any breakthrough for you.  If you are committed, let me help you save years of trial and error.

To be clear, if you're already read Zero Pain Now and done some work in this area and are still struggling to end your pain, that doesn't mean you don't have Diversion Pain Syndrome or that you cannot get better. It just means that doing this work without help is prone to confusion, false starts and second guessing yourself. Again, I struggled for over 10 years before I finally ended my pain for good. 

If you are intent to do this yourself, your primary goal should be to build belief. I just provided you the road map or stepping stones you must go through to create that solid belief. If you currently aren't getting results, question your belief.

* Do you really believe you have Diversion Pain Syndrome? 
 * Do you REALLY believe you can actually get better?

If the answer is no, Educate more. Read/watch success stories. Do a more in depth review of your symptom and emotional history. Look for examples of how this DOES apply to you. And lastly....COMMIT to a process. 

I recommend Zero Pain Now because it was the only thing that worked for me after 10 years of knowing about and trying to get better with the various TMS/Sarno recommendations.  While you may be able to go it alone, I highly recommend the Zero Pain Now and the one-on-one coaching. I'll take you by the hand and guide you through the program step by step.  

For me Zero Pain Now was the most straightforward unambiguous way for me to end my pain once and for all.  Have I mentioned, my pain hasn't come back for the past 6 years?  

At the end of the day, sometimes asking for help is warranted and the fastest way to attain the result you want. A pain free life.