Zero Pain Now®
Private Coaching Program

Most pain management practices offer treatments with marginal success rates and no guarantees.  We treat pain relief differently at Zero Pain Now® and we do this by actually guaranteeing success for our Private Program clients.  This one-on-one Zero Pain Now® coaching program boasts an unmatched 97.4% success rate in helping people become pain free.  

Even better, Zero Pain Now® recently participated in a Pilot Program at the Mayo Clinic where we achieved 100% success.  That means that everybody that went through the Mayo Clinic Pilot program completely got rid of their pain.  This isn't just relief.  It's complete elimination of pain. Learn more about the Mayo Clinic Pilot on our Success Stories page.

We stand behind our unmatched record of success.

In our commitment to you and your long term recovery, we offer "The Zero Pain Now® Guarantee".  We are the only pain relief method to make this kind of guarantee and we can do that because our pain relief programs really work.  We also believe it is incredibly important to stand behind our process and results.

The Zero Pain Now® Private Program is so successful because over 30 years of scientific and neuro-scientific research has shown that the real case of chronic and ongoing pain is not "medical" or physical in nature. That’s why there was no chance that your doctor, surgeon, chiropractor or physical therapist could have provided more than temporary relief at best. They call it pain management because you have to constantly manage your pain.

The reason Zero Pain Now® will work for you is because we’ll help you eliminate the real cause of your pain and we’ll do that in a way that is easy to understand and highly personalized for you. We want you to have the physical freedom that you were always meant to have.

Why Hire Dan as your personal Zero Pain Now® Coach?

When you work with Dan, you will get one-on-one personalized guidance through the entire Zero Pain Now system.

Zero Pain Now is a simple, safe, proven step-by-step method to banish back and body pain — permanently – regardless of your X-Rays or MRI results.

While the self paced programs hold nothing back and provide you everything you need to get pain free, Dan will provide you daily expert guidance, answer all your questions and hold you accountable to make sure that you do the daily work necessary to achieve a pain free life.  

Dan will be there to help out if you get stuck or frustrated for any reason at all. He will keep you moving forward and reinforcing the education parts of the system and also make sure you take the necessary actions and learn the habits of thought necessary to get pain free.  Consider Dan your personal tour guide for your journey to a pain free future.

What's included when you hire Dan for the private coaching?

  • Free initial consultation to answer all your questions and to make sure that Zero Pain Now can work for you.  Click here to schedule your call.
  • A personal review of your Zero Pain Now® Pain Test to make sure that your pain is the type we can eliminate with Zero Pain Now®.
  • Guaranteed Results - The Zero Pain Now® Private Program Triple Guarantee.  (click here to read all about it.)  Be sure to ask your pain management doctor what kind of guarantees they offer.   They don't.  We do.  
  • All of the materials included in the Rapid Results Program.  You won't need the DVD's from the Advanced Virtual Session since Dan will be working with you personally to guide you through the processes on the DVD's.  
  • Free access to the weekly Q&A Telephone calls and private FaceBook Group.  (Available for $40/month for those purchasing any of the self paced programs.)

Benefits of the Zero Pain Now® Private Coaching Program:

  • 97.4% Success rate with past clients
  • 100% Success rate for the Mayo Clinic Zero Pain Now® Pilot participants
  • Personalized program with one-on-one email and phone support.  (as much as is required)
  • Long term results.  I'll help you get pain free and stay that way.
  • You control your timeline.
  • No Travel Necessary.  All coaching can be done through phone, email or video chat.  (Skype or Apple FaceTime or Google Video chat.
  • Conservative.
  • Non-invasive, Non Medical.
  • Rapid Results.  Some clients get pain free in days or weeks.  
  • Lifetime Follow-up.
  • Backed by the Zero Pain Now® Guarantee.  

Who is this NOT for?

  1. If you want someone to fix or cure you, this may not be for you.  The Zero Pain Now® process I recommend and use with my clients requires your active involvement. If you are not willing to open your mind, do some reading and do about 30 minutes of thinking and writing each day until the pain goes away, this isn't for you.  
  2. If you have a closed mind and are unwilling to consider that something else is going on that could be causing your pain, this likely isn't for you.  
  3. If you think this is all "hogwash" and that you have a "REAL" problem...  You may be walking away from the ONE thing that could actually end your pain.  
  4. If you are 100% convinced you have a REAL physical problem and refuse to consider any other possibility, this won't work for you.
  5. If you find what I'm sharing on this website to be insulting to you, I can't help you.  

Look, nobody is calling you crazy or saying your pain is imagined or all in your head. Your pain IS real and is caused by real physical changes to your body.  It's just not caused by what you've been lead to believe by your doctors.   

If you scored high on the pain test and you see the correlation between your pain and your emotional world, there is a way out.  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel.  The good news is that now you are in the right tunnel.  Zero Pain Now and I can help you heal your own pain.   

Don't wait.  You could be pain free VERY fast.  

your investment is guaranteed.