Who is Adam Heller?

Adam is the creator and founder of Zero Pain Now®.  The Zero Pain Now® system what allowed me to finally end 11 long years of chronic pain.  

Adam has a long history of helping people solve their problems.  He has over 25 years experience as a life coach, business coach and consultant, supporting people in living their greatest life and overcoming a variety of obstacles, both personal and professional. He is a Certified Trainer in NeuroLinguistic Programming, a Master in Time Line Therapy, Integrative Coaching, Hypnotherapy and a Certified Instructor at Deepak Chopra’s Center for Well Being.

When he started to observe his clients also suffered physical pain, he became obsessed with figuring out what he could to to help them end their pain.  He spent many years and thousands of hours studying and observing people with pain and people without pain. He learned from amazing teachers and people who have dedicated their life to helping people solve their pain problems. The result of all of Adam's years of research is the Zero Pain Now® process.