3 Simple Steps to a Pain Free Life

                                                                                     I feel fantastic and you can too...

                                                                                     I feel fantastic and you can too...

Before we start, I want to issue a quick warning.  I plan to challenge you and your belief system about your pain.  As you read this article or watch the video below, you will be very tempted to call B.S. and insist that there is NO way this is real.  Even if all of this information makes sense to you, you may still say... 

"That's interesting, but it doesn't apply to ME.  I have a REAL problem."   

Don't sell yourself short by hitting the back button and discarding this information.  What I am about to share with you is really your ticket out of pain.    

This is going to seem "too good to be true".  It will be hard to believe.  And this article may even make you mad. You may think I'm calling you crazy or telling you that "it's all in your head".  No, No, No!  Not at all.  

YOUR PAIN IS REAL.  (But so is the cure.)  

How do I know that your pain is real?  Because my pain was absolutely real too.  

I suffered 11 long, agonizing years of pain before I was able to end it.   Sometimes I couldn't get off the floor.  Life was difficult.  Everything I did... hurt.  I missed out on a lot of my sons childhood because I hurt so much.  

So please realize that I understand what it's like to be wracked in pain.  I have been in your shoes.  This is how my body was twisted up after all those years of pain.  I was pretty messed up.

Look how crooked my hips, spine, shoulders were.  Look at my head tilt. My wife said "you're crooked" and she was right.  Despite looking like this, I've been completely pain free for 6 years now.  And I didn't need surgery either.  

Look how crooked my hips, spine, shoulders were.  Look at my head tilt. My wife said "you're crooked" and she was right.  Despite looking like this, I've been completely pain free for 6 years now.  And I didn't need surgery either.  

I couldn't believe with THIS much dysfunction in my body that my physical therapist handed me a pre-printed set of exercises that they hand to EVERY client.  When I asked how come we weren't customizing a program for my specific imbalances, they made some lame excuse about starting everybody with these first.  

Ugh...  They were like robots simply doing what they were taught with no independent thinking on the best way to help me out.  I'm sure you can relate.

Let me ask you, when it comes to your pain...

Are you "interested" in ending your pain or...
are you truly COMMITTED?  

If you are really committed and wiling to do anything to end your pain, then I encourage you to open your mind, cast aside your skepticism, read this entire article, watch the videos I recommend and learn something new.  This is likely something you haven't heard about before.  It's a completely different view on chronic pain.  

You will also learn about a seldom heard process that can actually end your chronic pain regardless of your diagnosis or whatever you believe has caused your pain.  

And please...  Instead of playing the skeptic and looking for reasons this does not apply to you, look for ways that it makes sense.  Why?  Because an open mind versus a closed mind may just be the difference between staying stuck or being free from pain.  And it can happen much sooner than you could ever imagine.

The 3 Simple Steps to Ending Chronic Pain...  

Step 1:  Education:  

Learn the true cause of most chronic pain.  Most pain is caused by something that isn't even taught in medical school. And curing it doesn't require injections, drugs, manipulation, surgery or any other mainstream "treatments".  As you know, those "treatments" almost never help other than some temporary relief at best.  But the pain always comes back.  This is what we call a medical blind spot.  Once you learn and accept the truth about pain, you will have a path to end it. Quickly.  

Look - I know you have been lead to believe your body is broken and your body is the reason you are in pain.  I'm sure you have LOTS of evidence too.  Perhaps you have X-rays or MRI results and you can actually see an abnormality on your image.  Plus, your doctor TOLD you that your body is what is causing the pain.  The media and internet tells us how frail and fragile we are.  How easily injured we are.  We've been told that an injury from a decade ago is the reason for your pain today.  That somehow healing doesn't work anymore.  That chronic pain is forever.  

But what if the doctors are wrong?  

Hint:  They are.  

The abnormality shown on your MRI or X-ray is just a NORMAL abnormality.  2/3 of the people with no pain have similar abnormalities.  And people with these abnormalities who DO have pain are getting better all the time with NO physical treatments to their bodies.  

If it's not the disc or structure, then what causes pain?  

In summary - the pain is created by a very real physical reaction in your body to chronic and overwhelming stress, tension, life pressures, self imposed pressures and negative emotions which are so unacceptable they are often repressed in the subconscious mind. 

No, I did not just call you crazy.  Stick with me here...

There are very real physical change that happen IN the body.  It's not imagined.  These physical changes in your body are what cause your pain.  The pain just isn't caused by what your doctor told you.

Some don't believe that our emotional world can cause actual physical pain. It's really not that unbelievable at all.  

The body reacts to emotions all the time.  

Examples:  Crying, blushing, sweaty palms or upset stomach when nervous, your body shaking and your heart pounding when scared. Those are all very common and universally accepted PHYSICAL reactions to emotional events.

And when there is a history of a chronic negative emotions, stress and tension, real physical changes to the body are the result.  Pain is what we feel.  (I'll tell you about the physiology of these changes in a bit. Stick with me here.)

Unfortunately, once you are in pain, it is completely misdiagnosed by mainstream doctors and pain management practitioners.  This begins the merry-go-round of appointments and specialists.  None of these treatments end your pain.  Frustration builds. This can go on for years or decades.  Devices, pillows, manipulation, injections, drugs, even surgery fails to help.  You may be asking...

Why doesn't pain management work?  

Pain "management" doesn't work because the doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, massage therapists are all treating the symptom.  They are treating the pain and not the underlying cause. 

Since most mainstream pain management people don't even know what causes the pain, they have virtually no chance of curing it.  None of the mainstream treatments actually address the real cause which is what we call Diversion Pain Syndrome. (DPS)

So what is REALLY going on?  

Here's the process behind it.    

                                        Symptoms like Pain, burning, numbness, tingling, weakness, etc.

                                        Symptoms like Pain, burning, numbness, tingling, weakness, etc.

For a complete and detailed overview on these real physical changes to your body, check out the video below.  If you don't have time, skip over it for now to read the rest of the article.  Be sure to come back to the video for a dive deep into how these very real changes happen to our body and end up causing pain.  

Why does the brain cause this to happen?  

The pain exists to distract us from what our subconscious brain believes are unacceptable, scary and even dangerous emotions repressed in our subconscious.

When these emotions get too intense or start bubbling up to the surface into the conscious mind, the brain creates this pain as a distraction to get you to focus on your body and forget about these scary emotions.  

It works like a charm too.  When you are wracked with pain, there's not much else we can think about.

I know this sounds a bit "out there".  And you may be wondering how we know it's really a distraction process?  

Here is why pain is ABSOLUTELY a distraction mechanism....  

Because over and over in a very predictable and repeatable way, when we get our clients to focus on the emotions instead of their body and their pain, the pain goes away fast.  The fact that pain literally goes away without any intervention with the physical body is the proof.  

Step 2 to End your Pain:  An Assessment   

Once you understand Diversion Pain Syndrome and are open to this being the real cause of your pain, the second step to becoming pain free is to assess whether or not your pain is this type of pain.   The assessment is a two step process.  

1.  First you will take a short but scientifically developed Pain Test that can tell us with a 97% degree of certainty whether or not your pain is caused by Diversion Pain Syndrome.

If you score high enough, this tells us that your pain can be eliminated just like mine.

2.  The second part of the assessment is for you and I to get on the phone to go over your pain test results and symptom history.   I like to call this process "Connecting the Dots" between the emotional worlds and the onset and flare-ups of pain.  This assessment call is free and available to those committed to exploring how to end their pain once and for all.  

To schedule your personal assessment, fill out my new client form
by clicking the button below. I'll call you.

Step 3 to End your Pain:  A Proven Process  

Lastly, once you have learned all about the real cause of pain and completed the assessment, you can decide if you want to proceed with the third step of the Zero Pain Now system.  This is to become a coaching client.  Coaching involves a 28 day coaching program that has a 97% success rate for private one-on-one Zero Pain Now coaching clients.  

Yes, literally 97% of over 1100 clients have ended their pain through this coaching process.  This success rate is unheard of with doctors and other pain management specialists.  For this reason alone, if you passed through the assessment, you are nearly guaranteed to end your suffering.  

So why consider one-on-one coaching?  

Despite there being a book describing Zero Pain Now, most people struggle to do this work and achieve results all by themselves.  Did you know that 95% of people who buy a book on how to do something never implement what they learned?  

This is why the best way I can guarantee that you end your pain is to take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process as your Zero Pain Now Certified Master Coach.  

The best analogy is to ask you which of these two choices would give you the best chance of success in losing weight and getting in shape:  

1. Reading a book on diet and fitness and attempting to go it alone.  Or,
2. Hiring a personal trainer to meet you at the gym every day and a nutritionist to cook all your meals. 

Hiring me as your Zero Pain Now coach is like option #2 above.  Your odds of success are SUPER high compared to trying to figure it out on your own.  If you are wiling to set aside your skepticism and go through the assessment, I can even guarantee you will end your pain.  

I commit to working with each client until the pain is gone.  As long as it takes.  It's that simple.  Most of my clients are pain free within 1-2 weeks and the most everyone else are pain free within the formal 28 day program.  But even if it takes you longer, I'll stick by your side until you achieve the results you came to me for.  (A life free from chronic physical pain.)  You also get lifetime support if you should ever encounter any challenges down the line. 

For the record, Zero Pain Now is the exact process I used to end 11 long years of my own chronic pain.  I was SO impressed by this Zero Pain Now system of eliminating my own pain, I decided to invest and undergoing an extensive certification process to get fully trained in helping others end their pain with Zero Pain Now.  

So why work with me?  Because I get it.  I'm just like you.  I was in your shoes.  I battled through chronic pain for 11 long years before finally getting rid of it.  That personal experience combined with my extensive training means that I am uniquely qualified to help you end your pain.  

How many times have you thought to yourself, "My doctor or pain clinic just doesn't understand?"  They don't "get it" like I do because they likely haven't experienced pain like you and I have.    

So what's next?

If this article has peaked your interest, keep on learning.  Go through the Start Here menu above and watch all the videos.  Check out our Success Stories.  Our results are the proof that our process works.  Next, take the pain test.  This will tell us whether or not your pain can be healed with Zero Pain Now.  Then fill out the new client Free Assessment Request Form and get on the phone with me.  We'll take it from there.

I know you may still feel like your body, your discs or your physical structure is to blame for all your suffering.  

But what if it wasn't?  

Clearly you aren't getting results with your current treatments or you wouldn't be here reading the last paragraph of this long article.  

Other than your pain, what do you have to lose by fully investigating this cause of pain and going through the assessment process?    

Today is your day.  Re-read this article.  Share it with someone who many need this information.  Or share with a partner or family member if you want their opinion on it Then Watch the vides on this site.  Check out the success stories in the menu above.

If you are already convinced, get in touch by filling out the new client form.  Can't wait to hear from you.

Talk soon,

Dan Buglio
Zero Pain Now Certified Master Coach

                                                                       I look forward to helping you end your pain.

                                                                       I look forward to helping you end your pain.